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Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited added 2 new photos.Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 6:24am
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Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited
Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited added 3 new photos.Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at 3:16am
Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited
Nevada Sportsman's UnlimitedThursday, December 14th, 2017 at 11:32am
Save the date!!! January 27th is coming on fast
Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited
Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited added 2 new photos — at Overton Wildlife Management Area.Monday, November 27th, 2017 at 10:57am
Nevada Sportsman's Unlimited
Nevada Sportsman's UnlimitedSaturday, October 7th, 2017 at 12:09pm
Clark County Sportsman: Please take the time to read this AND SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. It's very important to see what YOUR elected officials are doing to push their personal ANTI-HUNTING, ANTI-TRAPPING- AND ANTI-FISHING agendas on HUNTING, TRAPPING, and FISHING in NV!!

Filling the second open seat on the CC Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife has been delayed for two weeks after a Commissioner displayed a hunting photo of me and ridiculed me in the middle of a Board of County Commissioners meeting this week. We need to take action. She's already planted one shill in a sportsman slot on this board and if it happens again they may as well not even have a CAB because we'll lose every vote as the board meant for sportsmen fills with Anti's.

Take the time to read the letter below and watch the video all the way through. Feel free to message me with any questions you have.

YOU HAVE TO SEND E-MAILS IN TO OUR COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO LET THEM KNOW THAT THIS WON'T GO UNNOTICED AND CLARK COUNTY SPORTSMEN WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!! Its not about me at this point. Its about the future of our pastime and elected officials publicly disregarding the NRS and pushing their personal agendas down our throats!!


Clark County Commissioners,

I’d like to take a moment of your time to express the sickening feeling I have in my stomach right now after what I just witnessed at today’s BCC. A total abuse of power and position to push one’s personal agenda should not and will not go unnoticed by your voting public.

I understand not everyone is pro-hunting, and I also understand and respect other viewpoints such as Commissioner Giunchigliani’s clearly Anti-hunting stance. However, I’d like you all to take a minute and remember what position I have requested and have been recommended to be appointed to. The NRS quoted below clearly states and defines the open spot I’ve applied for is for a sportsman, and even more clearly defined in the NRS as “Hunters, trappers, or anglers”. How a photo of me on a hunting trip should shine a negative light on my appointment to a spot on a wildlife management commission in a seat intended by the NRS to represent hunters, trappers, and anglers is far beyond my understanding and down right absurd.

NRS 501.265 Appointment of members; vacancies.
1. The board of county commissioners shall appoint qualified persons to the board who are residents of the county and are:
(a) Hunters, trappers or anglers;

Furthermore, as seen in section 3 of that same NRS, quoted below, members should be appointed “upon the recommendation of organizations that represent hunters, trappers, or anglers in the county”. The Commissioners have received more than 71 letters of recommendation and dozens of phone calls on my behalf from members and directors of every hunting, trapping, and fishing organization active in Clark County. These letters were attached publicly to the agenda item on the CC website for review by all and I have also attached them to this e-mail. No other candidate has any recommendations posted in that area and the other candidate that was brought up for motion isn’t even a member of any.

3. Within 60 days after a vacancy occurs, the board of county commissioners shall, if the vacant member was appointed:
(a) Pursuant to subsection 1, appoint a member to the board upon the recommendation of:
(1) Organizations that represent hunters, trappers or anglers in the county; and

When my fellow sportsmen see how this agenda item was improperly handled today they will be outraged. This isn’t the first time Commissioner Giunchigliani has misused her elected position and influence to railroad sportsman with a “name out of a hat” that has no affiliation with any groups of hunters, anglers, or trappers in her clear hopes that the board is comprised of residents that do NOT represent the best interest of sportsman and goes against the direct recommendation of the organizations that represent such sportsman as the NRS advises. Her last two “recommendations” are for people that haven’t even attended the CAB meetings that I make a point to attend and be active at.

To Commissioner Brown and other commissioners that understand what the position I’ve applied for was intended, I thank you sincerely for your support. If anyone that doesn’t already support my nomination has any questions or clarifications they would like directly from me to better understand my stance and why I think I would be a good fit for this position, I’m at your disposal anytime day or night via this e-mail address or my personal cell phone number – 702-539-2902.

P.S. – That photo you shared of me is actually a black bear, not a grizzly bear. FYI – Nevada doesn’t have grizzly bears. That particular hunt was a special one in Canada where their equivalent to NDOW biologists decided to reduce the bear population in a certain area because they were becoming problems in the community. It was a lawful fair chase wilderness hunt which brought in money to help with further conservation in that province and my family and friends all made good use of the meat like we do with all animals we harvest as ethical sportsmen.

Sincerely David M Famiglietti